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“I tried every diet imaginable without any successful results. Having a personal trainer made a world of difference. My trainer provides me with a meal plan and I have noticed a tremendous difference in energy and I have seen a difference in my weight. I am so happy and the price is very affordable. This has been the best investment.”

- Virginia Hunter

“It’s now been a little over a year and I am totally hooked. You will NEVER find yourself getting tired of the same workouts because he constantly changes it with new challenges.”

- Carmen

“Mike is an amazing trainer very attentive and informative. He keeps you on track with meal plans, looks into your progress via apps and keeps you on your toes! Whether you are trying to loose 200lbs or if your an athlete trying to stay on your A game he’s the one to contact. The gym has a great vibe, and he will kick your ass with his workouts but you will learn to love it because you will start seeing results! I know I will reach my goal and I’ll have him to thank!”

- Ruth Orozco

“Since I’ve been working with MFITNESS Mike has been able to help me strengthen my weak areas and keeps me motivated.”

- Shelly Upright

“Mike is amazing! I first came to him because I was training for a half marathon and needed to build my strength. He’s not only a great motivator and coach, but he’s also very passionate about fitness and pushing people to their limit.”

- Andrea Cova

“Mike is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with! Being a student and working full time, it was really difficult for me to get motivated about working out. I always considered myself to be somewhat athletic, but it was always difficult for me to get rid of my lower belly (my stomach in general have always been an issue for me). What I loved about Mike was that I never knew what to expect – each time I went it was a different routine, which was great because I get bored so easily and hate predicting workouts. The consultation was free and it gave me an overview of what he planned for me to help me attain my goals. I am now so addicted to working out and enjoy it so much! I promise you if you stick to the routine and listen to Mike your body will transform!!! I have never been happier with my body!!!”

- Athena Tsiatsos

“Mike is very attentive to answering any questions or concerns you have in regards to your diet, training, supplements, etc. He is very knowledgeable and most important you can trust him. Be prepared to be challenged and feel overall healthy and GREAT!”

- Natalie

“M-Fitness is AMAZING! I came to Mike after I saw that my cousins had not only lost a lot of weight but also were healthier in the way they are and looked. I’m a beginner in the whole fitness arena but got the hang of it fast. Mike evaluates where you are physically and assesses your needs accordingly. He not only trains you to your limit,challenging your body and mind, but he also follows up with meal plans and nutritional tips. He gets an A++ in my book. Definitely would recommend him as a trainer no matter what level of fitness you are.”

- Raquel Mcclenahan

“If you’re looking for an experienced knowledgeable trainer contact Mike!!!  I’ve been training with him for 6 months now and my results are amazing!!!! His programs and meal plans are tailored to each client and their specific needs!!!  His workouts are killer but you will feel amazing after!!!”

- Elizabeth

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