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Blueprint for Wellness

Often, people are overtaken with a zeal for wellness and health, and in their excited nature they create a hastily made blueprint for wellness. They throw out a lot of food they deem to be unhealthy and say they are going to lose [insert relatively high number] of... read more

Components of Fitness

Bodies are complex and multifaceted. As such, there are various elements that go into building and sculpting them. There are five components of fitness, which we will get into later, that culminate into a pretty decent picture one’s current physical health. This... read more

Weightlifting Shoes: Weighing Your Options

There is an old adage that says you can tell a lot from a person’s shoes. That is, if a person keeps her or his shoes looking neat and clean, odds are this person enjoys keeping things shipshape and/or makes it a point to look exceedingly presentable. Now, in terms of... read more

Alcohol and Muscle Growth: Breaking It Down

Okay, so the question of the day is what the effects of alcohol on muscle growth are. That is, can you continue to make muscle gains and progress while going out on the weekend and having a few? I suppose the answer depends on what your end goals are and whether... read more

Dumbbell Workout Routine for Men

Dumbbell Workout Routine for Men There are many benefits to working out with dumbbells. First off, dumbbells are practical. You don’t need a lot of space when using them. They’re found in all self-respecting gyms. And even beginners can handle them. That is not to say... read more

How to Maximize Muscle Growth

You go to the gym regularly and eat soundly. However, you fail to see the muscle growth you want. Odds are that the fault doesn’t lie in the stars, as Shakespeare would say. Odds are that the fault lies in your exercise routine, diet, or both. Read on to find out if... read more
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