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Health and fitness are all the rage nowadays. Now more than ever, men and women worry about exercising, staying fit and looking good. And when it comes to health-mindedness, there is no state that is more fitness-minded than California, particularly Southern California. With its sunny beaches, plentitude of mountains for hiking or cycling trails, there are a multitude of options available in the Golden state. However, those who are looking to shed weight and look good in that swimsuit for this summer are apt to overlook one critical factor in the equation: the diet.

Dieting is an especially popular form of weight-loss amongst women. But it is an extremely important part of weight-loss for men as well. In fact, exercise and diet are inextricably interwoven: one cannot lose weight without a diet plan, and it is not possible to gain muscle mass without exercise. This article will be focusing on the essentials of creating a healthy diet for men to maximize muscle gain.

Components of a Healthy Diet For Men

Strict is the name of the game with this diet. You must keep at it if you want to see results or simply want to maintain the weight that you are at. Because men have different daily nutritional needs than women, this diet is tailored specifically for men who are 200-250 lbs. in weight. Eat little and often is a good rule of thumb for this or any diet.

For breakfast, protein is a recommended part of the diet. With high-protein meals, you feel full for a longer period of time, which is useful when trying not to take in too many calories per day. Eggs are one type of high-protein food that is quick and easy to prepare. Fish and lean ham are also good sources of protein.

After breakfast, a mid-morning snack will help to maintain your energy levels. A small snack that has a lot of energy and helps to fulfill your five-a-day is the most recommended.

Lunch is a balance of protein and carbohydrates. The carbs are intended to keep your energy up throughout the afternoon and avoid the mid-afternoon slump. In this regard, whole grains are preferable to the “white” foods. Bread like rye, barley and whole-wheat are also able to keep one satisfied for longer periods of time.

A mid-afternoon snack should follow lunch. Spiced nuts, seeds, popcorn, and other salty foods make excellent snacks.

To wrap up your day, your dinner ought to consist of carbs, which are low in fat and rich in fiber, and essential fats. Some foods that fulfill these needs and are rich in oils include nuts, seeds and fish, especially salmon and trout. Vegetables, fish, meat, pasta and brown rice are some of the many options available to you for dinner.

General Dieting Guidlines

Here are a few general guidelines to consider if you want to make your diet your own:

Protein is essential to this diet. Any muscle that has been gained will be lost along with the fat if one does not keep up a regular intake of protein. If one cannot achieve their protein quota with meals alone, a protein shake will help one meet that figure.

While you are on this diet, carbohydrates need to be kept at low or moderate amounts. A helpful way to keep an eye on your carbs is to split up one’s carb intake into two days: a low carb day and a moderate carb day. Alternating low and moderate days allows you to keep up your energy while keeping your body from getting comfortable and settling into a routine.

Be sure to drink at least a gallon of water a day. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it is an irreplaceable beverage that is the healthiest option during the diet. Diet sodas do not even come close to fulfilling your body’s needs in the way that good old, natural water does.

One of the reasons why it is very difficult to diet is because unhealthy food is so accessible and convenient. By comparison, it is inconvenient to make one’s meals and take a lunch with you to work. And yet, in order to achieve the results that you want, you need to endure and work through the inconvenience.

Another difficulty stems from the fact that your old habits will keep coming back to tempt you. This can be subsided with a weekly cheat day. On every 7th day, allow yourself to eat whatever you want before beginning all over again the next day. If you absolutely crave sugar, you can satisfy your cravings with protein drinks and protein bars.

Three foods that are indispensable to a healthy diet for men:

  1. They are a quick and easy meal, they are rich in protein and they have no fat or cholesterol.
  2. This breakfast meal is fibrous and gives you energy for a sustained period of time.
  3. Green vegetables. They have the benefit of giving you essential phytochemicals and antioxidants. They are also very filling.

With these tips and hints, you will be equipped to lose weight and maintain muscle mass.

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