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Summer is almost here so you know what that means! It’s time for beaches, bonfires, and bikinis so if you want to be bikini ready and have that amazing summer bod, it’s not too late to start working. Need some inspiration to get off your butt and get to work? Check out these five amazing Fitspiration Instagram accounts:


This account has everything from workout advice to inspirational workout quotes that are great for boosting your spirits when you’re feeling down. While this account has lots to offer, the absolute best part is the “Fit Girl Challenges” that they post. Check out this one below(Don’t just check it out, get up and do it!)


While this account does have great workout advice, its main platform is about inspiring people to get up and get moving and encouraging people to eat healthy food. Following this account, you’re able to learn new health tips: for example, did you know that Chamomille can help reduce anxiety? Check out this cool post:

Pizza night?😛🍕

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In addition to posting crazy-inspiring body transformation photos, this amazing account has incredible clean eating recipes, workout tips, and encouraging quotes about health and exercise. This account is the perfect proof that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating a boring salad every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Need a healthy dinner recipe to prepare tonight? Check out this amazing recipe right here:

BaseBodyBabes This account follows two incredible women that are phenomenal personal trainers and health advocates. Their energy alone radiates through every post. The best feature of this account is that you get solid exercise advice from professionals that do this every day. They also have the best suggestions when it comes to what workout gear you should be using. Not to mention, they have rock solid abs.

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